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When Should Clients Contact Us?

We will contact you, our clients, on a regular basis throughout the year to update you on important issues, review the key areas of your financial life, and discuss any changes to your situation.  However, we want to hear from you any time there is a special event or situation that may require immediate attention.  The following is a representative list of these situations:

  • Before Changing or Leaving a Job
  • In Anticipation of Receiving an Inheritance
  • Before Receiving a Distribution from a 401k or Pension Plan
  • When Considering Plans for Your Child's or Grandchild's Education
  • When Contemplating Starting, Buying, Selling, or Closing a Business
  • Before Buying, Selling, or Refinancing a House or Rental Property
  • When Contemplating Any Major New or Emergency Expenditure
  • During the Drafting or Updating of Wills, POAs, and Living Wills
  • Before Making Any Changes to Your Insurance Policies
  • When Making a Significant Charitable Contribution
  • When Giving or Receiving a Gift Over $13,000
  • Anytime Your Investment Time Horizon Changes
  • Whenever Your Family Situation Changes - Birth, Death, Illness, or Divorce
  • Approaching Retirement or Beginning to Receive Social Security Benefits
  • Whenever Any Major Event in Your Life Requires Assistance in Contemplating a Significant Decision
  • Any Time That You Need a Second Opinion or an Unbiased Listener